About Red Buffalo Skincare

Red Buffalo Skincare was developed in 2018 in Yunnan, China, as a way to provide my family with quality natural skincare products that I could make myself. As friends and their friends found out about my range, popularity grew and my range grew with it. I made products on order, provided bath salts and moisturisers to local guesthouses and sold hundreds of bars at local craft markets in Yunnan. The products have alway been made in small batches, with natural ingredients. Making small batches at a time allows me to ensure optimal freshness for the products as well as maintaining a high standard of quality control. For information on each product, have a look at the shop page.

About the water buffalo logo

After having lived in Yunnan, Southwest China, from 2010 to 2023, for me, the image of a water buffalo became synonymous with that part of the world. In my time in the East I have travelled far and wide throughout Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and of course Yunnan itself, and always there were water buffalo somewhere along the way.

On our honeymoon in Northern Thailand, Pete and I came across a herd of buffalo in a river. In the middle of the herd was a striking reddish white water buffalo. It was one of the most beautiful buffaloes I have ever seen.

As we travelled and learned more about the unique culture of Yunnan and the surrounding areas and the tribes that live there, we found out about the Dongba script. It is a pictographic script of the Naxi tribe that live in Northern Yunnan. Of course I immediately searched for the pictograph of a water buffalo. The pictograph is exactly as you see it today on my biodegradable tubes and other products. A simple outline of a buffalo with a water symbol underneath it.