Our family’s favourite eco products

I have been using many products that are both good for our family as well as the environment for many years. These are some of my favourites:

Shampoo bars

I have tried a variety of shampoo bars since 2018 and my firm favourite is from a company called Nul Natural. Since I have dry, curly hair I use the Frizzy hair shampoo bar and it works very well. It also lasts me about four months which is the same or even longer than a bottle of shampoo would last. And of course there is zero waste left after a bar is finished. I store my bar in a reusable tin, making sure there is no water in the tin when I close it up.

My husband and son use the Dry hair shampoo bar and they are (finally!) shampoo bar converts as well. All of us use the same conditioner bar and that lasts us around 2-3 months since we all use it.

Safety razor

It has bothered me for years that I have to throw away the blade attachments of my razors. Then I found Shopzero’s safety razor and I’m in love!

This razor can be intimidating to use at first and I admittedly went through a steep learning curve before I managed to use it and not slice my legs. The trick is to watch their “how to” video. Basically you do not need to apply any pressure to the razor as you use it, it has a weighted head so you just slide it along your skin and let the blade do its work.

Personally I will never go back to Venus or other brands of razors.

Kitchen scourers

A few years ago we made the switch from the commonly available sponge scourers for the kitchen to bamboo scourers. They are sustainable and biodegradable. What’s not to love?

In China I used a brand called The Bulk House. Here in South Africa I found a range of scourers at Shopzero.

Metal straws

Switching to metal straws is one of the easy changes to make. Even if it is just for home use. I opt for no straw when I am out and about unless I remembered to pack my reusable straw in its little pouch. At home we all use the metal straws for smoothies or juices. They are readily available on Takealot.

Bowl covers

This is another easy switch to make, instead of buying cling wrap which is a single use plastic, buy a set of reusable bowl covers. They last for ages and you just wash them with your laundry when they are dirty. I got mine in China but have found a similar brand here called Yuppiechef.

Bamboo toothbrushes

According to the American Dental Association, one billion plastic toothbrushes are thrown away each year in the United States, creating 50 million pounds of waste. While South Africa’s population is much smaller than that of the states, the waste created here is also significant. In contrast to plastic toothbrushes bamboo ones are biodegradable and their production has a much smaller carbon footprint.

Bamboo toothbrushes are readily available from online stores such as Holisteeq, or from health stores, pharmacies and even some grocery stores.