Bath salts in glass jars


Make yourself a cup of tea, run a bath, add a heaped spoonful of bath salts into the water and relax. Pink Himalayan salts and sea salt are rich in minerals which can alleviate muscle tension and promote detoxification. Epsom salts are exfoliating and will remove old skin cells leaving your skin glowing and fresh.

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Moisturising skin is one thing, but what about cleansing and purifying? For this I have created a lovely salt soak. The salt soak has pink Himalayan salt as the main ingredient, as well as sea salt and epsom salts. Salt soak is a salt mix you add to bathwater to detoxify and soften skin,  or it can also be used as a foot soak in the absence of a bath tub. Available in a  glass jar with 200g of salt. Refills come in low waste zip shut pouches.

Scents are customisable up to two different essential oils can be requested. Follow my instagram page for regular specials on this best selling product. @Red_Buffalo_Skincare


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