Cacao butter solid lotion stick

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A stick of intensive rescue solid lotion, for areas of very dry or sunburned skin. Divinely scented with peppermint and vanilla to complement the earthy smell of cacao butter.

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 This lotion stick is similar to the solid lotion bars, the difference is that this stick contains lush cacao butter as its powerful ingredient and it is packaged in a tube. The tube is made from hard paper that you can compost after finishing the product. To use, you push up on the bottom of the tube and apply to any area of dry skin as often as needed. Tap the tube on a solid surface to get the stick to go back down into the tube after application.

It is scented lightly with a blend of peppermint and vanilla essential oils that go wonderfully with the fragrance of the cacao butter. Other ingredients are beeswax, shea butter, aloe vera, and coconut oil. The stick holds 44g of solid lotion. *Also available as a vegan friendly stick with plant based wax instead of beeswax.

The cacao butter stick is recommended to treat smaller areas of dry skin such as knees or elbows, or for sunburnt skin in need of extra care. The solid moisturiser bars are recommended for use on bigger areas of skin.

3 reviews for Cacao butter solid lotion stick

  1. Gina H

    This is just so yummy to use and really nourishes skin. The solid stick is buttery enough to glide on smoothly and easily rubs in. And a bonus that the packaging is biodegradable. I’m so glad I treated myself with these lovely earth friendly products. The pretty packaging makes them ideal for gift sets too.

  2. Dedee Campbell

    I have been using the lip balm for a number of months , having tried many different brands over the years ,I can honestly say that it is the best lip moisturiser on the market , I no longer suffer from cracked lips , keeps my lips hydrated and smooth ..highly recommended !

    • corlie

      Thank you Deedee, I’m happy to hear that. Returning customers are what makes small business owners really pleased!

  3. Gerida

    I have been using the moisturiser stick for four months now, and I am very happy with it. I will not go back to using regular store bought products again. The texture of my skin has improved immensely.

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