Freshen up natural deodorant mild strength

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These mild strength, botanically charged deodorants will neutralise the bacteria that causes body odour. They have been tested on men and women who run, gym, dance and rock climb. Feedback was that body odour was neutralised during and after exercise, whilst their bodies were allowed to sweat. Scented with lavender and grapefruit.

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Natural deodorants are a healthier choice for your body and for the environment. Unlike their conventional counterparts they are made without harsh chemicals. Instead they harness the natural odour controlling properties of  arrowroot powder, bicarbonate of soda, and cornstarch. These natural compounds absorbs some moisture from your skin and also increases the pH of your skin thus inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

My Fresehn up deodorant sticks are free of aluminium, parabens, phthalates, talc and synthetic fragrances. They are infused with natural  essential oils to give them a pure and uplifting scent. Frankincense has anti microbial and astringent properties, helping to naturally stop body odour from forming. Grapefruit essential oil gives a pleasant citrusy smell  while lavender has potent antibacterial properties, and also soothes sensitive underarm skin, especially for those who shave that area.

In addition to being all natural my deodorant sticks are packaged in biodegradable paper push up tubes,  making them a totally environmentally friendly product. To use, simply push up from the base of the tube and glide onto the underarm skin. Tap the tube on a solid surface to get the stick to go back down into the tube after application. The stick holds 44g of nett deodorant.

Keep them cool in warm weather, else they will melt.

Note: Some people may be sensitive to Bicarbonate of soda. If you suspect you might be sensitive to bicarb, try the mild skin option instead of the regular strength option.

2 reviews for Freshen up natural deodorant mild strength

  1. Paul Hofmeyr

    As someone that struggles with a lot of allergies and sensitive skin, I was so glad to find not only a range of products that don’t cause skin irritation but also to find a company to support that not only care about what their products are doing to their customers bodies but also the effect their company is having on the environment. The packaging is not just eco friendly but is also art, which I thought was very cool.

  2. Melisse

    I am so glad I found Red Buffalo, and this refresh stick does not disappoint!
    Firstly, the packaging is stunning AND recyclable, which I love.
    The stick itself really works so much better than the traditional roll-on. It leaves you fresher for longer and without that stick feeling. A little goes a long way with this product.

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