Underarm restorative deodorising bar


A calming, treatment bar to soothe and restore red, irritated underarms. It has a moderate deodorising capability. Use the bar continuously for a week before going back to your regular deodorant. With calming kaolin clay, diatomaceous earth, zinc oxide and many more.


Your underarm skin is one of the most sensitive areas on your body. All kinds of things can irritate the skin. For some people it is shaving, for some it is store bought deodorants and anti perspirants, and for some it is chafing due to exercise. Also sometimes when switching to natural deodorants that contain baking soda your underarms can become red and irritated.

A few weeks ago I developed an irritation to the bicarb in my natural deodorants. I really didn’t want to stop using Freshen Up, so I started to develop this restorative bar and oh wow, it worked like a charm. I used this restorative deodorising bar for about a week and the redness disappeared completely. I am now back to using the regular strength Freshen Up deodorant daily.

This bar has a potent blend of skin calming and deodorising ingredients: 

It contains pink kaolin clay which absorbs impurities and diatomaceous earth powder which is pH neutral, absorbs toxins and bacteria that linger in the underarm area. Other skin soothing ingredients include refined cacao butter and coconut oil as well as zinc oxide.

While you treat irritated underarm skin you definitely still want deodorising capability in your product, so this bar addresses the odour issue with zinc ricinoleate which is a naturally occurring zinc salt. It breaks down and absorbs the bacteria that causes body odour, while arrowroot powder absorbs excess sweat. This bar has a very smooth, residue free glide thanks to a blend of soy and beeswax as well as added vegetable cetyl alcohol flakes.

The scent signature of this bar is predominantly mint, with undertones of grapefruit and frankincense. The bar weighs 55g and is packaged simply in wax paper and a little box. Use your own water proof container for storage or purchase a screw top tin from my store.



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