Protect your outdoorsy kids against mosquito bites, the safe way.

The most commonly used chemical in mosquito repellents is called DEET, diethyltolouamide, and it can be harmful to skin if it is used repeatedly in high concentrations. This applies especially to children as they have a greater surface area of skin compared to body weight ratio. Their skins are also thinner and more sensitive to harsh chemicals than that of an adult.

Not only is DEET potentially dangerous to skin, but it has been proven to break down certain synthetic materials. Most sports wear is made from rayon, spandex, goretex or some other form of synthetic fabric. When these materials are exposed to DEET, it behaves like a solvent and dissolves some of the material making it weaker and as such less effective in stretching, or repelling water.

With the above in mind it makes sense to find a different way to protect kids’ skin against mosquito bites when they are outside in nature. By avoiding products laden with DEET you also extend the longevity of expensive outdoor gear.

I believe that the mosquito repellent I have been making is the answer. I am not alone in this belief as so far the feedback from parents who have specifically bought this repellent for their children has been positive. The repellent has a blend of 5 essential oils all of which deter mosquitoes, as well as beeswax which traps the scent of the oils onto the skin for long-lasting effectiveness, and a blend of oils and butters which ensures that the stick glides smoothly onto the skin. As an added bonus the stick is packaged in a completely biodegradable tube.

The essential oils I have chosen to blend together are citronella, lemongrass, lavender, mint and eucalyptus. Customer feedback has also been consistently positive about the pleasant smell of the stick when compared to other products.

So, say goodbye to chemical-laden sprays and lotions and welcome the natural, effective defence against mosquito bites that Red Buffalo Skincare offers you.

*photos posted with parents’ permission

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