Solid moisturiser bars, the best treatment for dry skin.

What is a solid moisturiser bar?

A solid moisturiser bar is a skincare product made from natural ingredients that include a variety of butters, oils and waxes. It is designed to melt upon contact with the skin, providing hydration and nourishment without the need for added preservatives or chemicals commonly found in traditional liquid moisturisers. They are convenient for travel and eco-friendly due to their minimal packaging.

What is in Red Buffalo Skincare’s moisturiser bars?

My bars are made according to the season, in summer the recipe is different to the one I use in winter. The winter bar contains significantly more shea butter than the summer bar, since we have so far lived in extremely dry climates during winter months. In addition to about 30% shea butter, the winter bar also contains beeswax, coconut oil and aloe vera oil. The summer bar nourishes skin on a less intense level, containing about 15% shea butter as well as sweet almond oil, aloe vera, coconut oil and beeswax.

What does the beeswax do?

This crucial ingredient seals moisture into your skin without clogging your pores, and it stabilises the product. Because of the beeswax I do not need to add any preservatives to any product that has it as an ingredient. It is one of the oldest known preservatives known to man. It is impermeable so once melted and mixed with the other ingredients it sets up a natural protective barrier around the other compounds.

How about all the other ingredients? What to they do?

Let’s start with shea butter. I use refined shea butter because it carries no scent, and I can choose which essential oils to scent the bars with. Shea butter is a buttery fat extracted from the nut of the African shea tree. It naturally contains linoleic – , oleic -, and stearic fatty acids. These acids balance the oils on your skin and repairs the skin barrier so preventing water loss and dryness. Shea butter contains vitamins A, E and F. All of which are anti oxidants that promote circulation and healthy skin growth. Then theres the triglycerides and the esthers which nourishes and conditions your skin. It really is an amazing ingredient.

Now, coconut oil is also quite a miracle ingredient. It is made up of mainly saturated fats, and if used in excess it can sit on your skin rather heavily. But when it is combined with other ingredients in the correct proportions it is lovely. Coconut oil contains lauric and capric acid both of which are anti microbial. It can also boost the production of collagen in your skin, which will in turn mean your skin regenerates faster. Linoleic acid is also present in coconut oil although it is a much smaller percentage than in shea butter.

Aloe vera surely needs no introduction, it is such a well known skin health ingredient. However there are some facts you may not know, such as that the polysaccharides and growth hormones in aloe vera stimulates your skin to grow new skin cells. Which is why it is so effective in healing dry, damaged and sunburnt skin.

Sweet almond oil locks moisture into your skin, so products containing it is best applied after a shower when your skin is plump and soft. This oil has what is known as sclerosant properties because of the compound called phenol that occurs naturally in sweet almond oil. This means it constricts your skin’s blood vessels slightly and improves your skin tone. Great for use on skin that needs to be bare in summer!

In conclusion

There is absolutely nothing better for dry skin than my moisturiser bars. We have lived on the foothills of the Tibetan plain for 13 years, and the relative humidity there during winter is LESS than that of the Sahara desert. My lotion bars saved our skins, and the skins of literally hundreds of other customers from the far North and the far West of China. If you haven’t tried one yet, go for it. They are R90 in the reusable tin, or R70 when packaged simply in wax paper and a box. A bar should last you about 2 months if used every day.

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